Olav Thon. Foto: Katrine Lunke/APELAND

Olav Thon Foundation

This year's research awards

This year’s winners of the Olav Thon Foundation 2020

For the sixth consecutive year, the Olav Thon Foundation announce awards for research and teaching internationally and nationally, as well as financial support for Nordic research in medicine and national student active research 2020.

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Announcement with invitation to make nominations and applications for research funding

Announcement for 2021

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In 2013 Olav Thon transferred the majority of his assets that was shares in Olav Thon Gruppen AS, worth NOK 25 billion, to the Olav Thon Foundation.

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The Chairman of the Board

Olav Thon was born in 1923. He grew up on the Thon farm in Hallingdal, 880 metres above sea level. Like most children at the time, he had to do everything it was possible to ask of a little boy, from tending the cows in the outlying fields and helping to herd them out into the summer pastures.

About Olav Thon


For the fifth year in a row, the Olav Thon Foundation shares awards for research and outstanding teaching in the mathematical-natural sciences and medical fields. Pictures from the awards ceremony 2019 held in University Aula, Oslo.

Photo: Terje Heiestad/UiO


The Olav Thon Foundation award winners of 2018 attended a formal ceremony at the University Aula in Oslo.

«The ceremony was a wonderful event. I hope it inspired the prize winners and that the ceremony also can contribute to inspire winners in the future», says Olav Thon.

Foto: Katrine Lunke/APELAND.