Applications for funding for public benefit purposes

Information on the application process in accordance with § 7 a and § 7 c will be announced when there is a decision from the board this year.

Applications for research prizes and grants in accordance with article 7 may only be made subsequent to announcements.

a) Funding may be awarded to promote research and measures with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders of the body’s musculoskeletal system.

b) Funding may be provided for public benefit purposes in Norway.

c) Funding may be provided in the form of personal prizes for outstanding teaching that takes place at Norwegian educational institutions.

d) Funding may be provided for the procurement/construction of real estate for use in public benefit purposes..

e) Funding may be provided to Olav Thons Legat, provided that this foundation has public benefit purposes.

Support may not be granted for political or religious purposes.

The board determines the scope of the annual funding to be awarded.

The total funding for a single calendar year shall have an upper limit of NOK 100,000,000 hundred million, of which up to NOK 50,000,000 – fifty million – may be distributed for purposes mentioned in point a) and up to NOK 50,000,000 – fifty million – for other purposes mentioned in point b) e).

Funding for public benefit purposes shall be awarded in accordance with detailed guidelines provided by Olav Thon. The board is otherwise free to determine the purposes for which funding shall be awarded at any given time, and the manner in which the funding shall be provided.

Advisory Committee and Scientific Advisor

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In 2013 Olav Thon transferred the majority of his assets that was shares in Olav Thon Gruppen AS, worth NOK 25 billion, to the Olav Thon Foundation.

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